What is roller hockey?

Sample hockey

Roller Hockey is played on both Quad skates and Inline skates, have diverse principles and hardware, and include distinctive sorts of skating yet share the class and name of Roller Hockey. Roller hockey (Quad) is played utilizing conventional quad roller skates, bearing more prominent mobility to the player – this outcomes in recreations loaded with extravagant footwork, tight moving, and is more like football or b-ball.┬áThe Quad hockey goalie utilizes a level batting glove that gives bounce back qualities when obstructing a shot on objective.┬áThe stick is pretty much the same as in bandy and shinty. Roller Hockey (Inline) looks somewhat like ice hockey and is played on Inline skates, utilizes an ice hockey stick and incorporates a considerable measure of quick “dashing forward and backward” activity. Inline hockey goalies utilize a glove called a catcher to catch shots made on objective, and a level, normally square, glove called a blocker which is utilized to avoid shots on objective.

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