Staying Cool

cool gear

I’ve played goalie in south america for various years quite a while back. For the most it was outside and in the sun. Temps were 100ish effectively and mugginess on dry days was 60-70%.

Drink, drink, drink. Playing 2-3 back to back amusements I typically drank around a gallon of frosty liquid split uniformly between water amid the diversion and gatorade between recreations.

Gearwise simply thin socks pressure shorts and a meager sleeveless. I had longer hair so a skullcap/handkerchief assisted with the sweat and warmth development under the cover. Additionally, on the off chance that you utilize a neck defender rather than a dangler simply place it in the cooler overnight and bring it with you (on the off chance that you take a cooler put it there). Works best with the gel ones like Maltese’s. Prescribe it over a dangler for all the great reasons.

In the event that you can get a cross section shirt coordinating the group hues it likewise helps staying cooler.

Other than that attempt to skate to the sheets and back amid amusement stoppages or around the wrinkle when play is at the flip side so you can get some air streaming.

On the off chance that you can drink from your container without lifting your veil or removing your glove you don’t need to sit tight for stoppages to drink. On the off chance that you can’t, a long neck/straw water jug may be a decent venture.

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