Safety First

Gear for roller hockey


This ought to incorporate a full-confront shield or confine, and ought to be an ANSI, ASTM, SNELL, or another satisfactory testing-research center affirmed protective cap.


The best possible size gloves are vital. In the event that the gloves are to little the youngster’s hand will touch the end of the glove; if the gloves are to enormous it will make it hard to control the stick.


A mouthpiece ought to be required for all members, ideally one with strap that joins to the protective cap.


These are by and large discretionary. They are lightweight and particularly intended for roller hockey.


These cushions ought to fit serenely and solidly around the biceps and lower arms. Elbow cushions ought to end toward the begin of the glove to totally secure the lower arm.


The stick length and material are the most vital elements.

The stick ought to be measured when the player is remaining on his/her skates. At the point when the stick is remaining on the cutting edge tip, the butt end of the stick ought to be between the player’s button and nose. Cut the stick and tape the end to frame a little handle.


Discretionary, ice hockey or roller hockey styles are adequate.


This ought to be required for the young men.


Legitimate size is basic. Physical harm can be brought about to the feet if the player utilizes the wrong size skates.

Keeping up the best possible control and sufficiently giving direction and control amid the recreations and practices will keep the probability of a mischance from happening due to harsh play or crazy players.

Any player that is not keeping up the best possible teach and control ought to be expelled from the play and relying on the circumstances either given a verbal cautioning or restricted from playing.


The knee measures of the watchman ought to cover the kneecap, while the base of the gatekeeper ought to cover the top part of the skates. The shin protectors ought to fit around the calf with negligible development.

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